New instructions for the use of our Team Cards


If you are the holder of a team card, we have recently implemented some new guidelines.

Please read the following carefully, so we can keep taking care of your cats and dogs.


1) Bring your ID Card

If you bring a stray animal for a visit (check-up, injection, etc.) you must bring your ID card along with your Team card. If you do not show your ID card at the time of the visit you will have to pay the full price for the visit or may be asked to come back at another time.

Please make sure that you ALWAYS bring your ID Card with you.


2) Bring the animals your self

When booking an appointment for neutering, we will only accept animals brought in by the Team card holder ONLY and no-one else.

You will no longer be allowed to pass on your Team Card to a relative or friend to bring the animals in unless, the person that replaces also has a Team Card.

If you cannot bring the animals in yourself, you can transfer your appointments to another Team card holder. If the person does not want to apply for a Team Card, the animals for the appointment will not be accepted.


3) You can permanently transfer your Team Card

If you decide that the Team Card is no longer of use due to the new changes implemented then you can transfer your Team Card membership to a friend or relative that can bring the animals for the appointment.

Your Team card will no longer be valid and the remaining months left until it expires will be transferred to the new card holder.


You have until the end of February 2014 to notify us that you want to transfer or have a refund on your Team card. The request must be done in writing and signed by you; requests by telephone will not be accepted.


If you have any questions regarding these changes, kindly call us on 21227127 or 79227127. Kind Regards, Gareth Schembri, Receptionist of Happy Paws Animal Clinic.